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  Nasik Valley

The land of mythical legends and holy rivers, temples and ghats is now considered to be the official wines capital of India.

Wine making on an organised scale is of recent origin with 67 wineries in the country. Of these, 40 are located in the Nashik region; hence, Nashik is called the Wine capital of India. The city is at 200 meters above sea level, has warm days and cool nights during the grape growing months and has good gravelly soil. All these factors contribute to a high concentration of aromas in the grapes.

The region grows about 60 per cent of the total grape production in the country, both, for table and wine varieties. Nashik is an important export centre for table varieties of grapes to various parts of the world, for several decades.

The wine varieties of grapes from the region are of high quality and conducive to producing superior quality wines.

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Nasik Valley

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