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a passion for fine wines

Times are changing…at Namaste we believe that Indian wine can be amongst the finest in the world. We have scoured India for the best it can offer. The fruits of our searches are available on this site.

Our passion is such that we aim to be the premier provider of fine Indian wines to restaurants, hotels and individuals in the UK.

There’s a basic love affair between India and the UK and many Indian people and products (and cuisine!)


Fine wines for all cuisines and occasions

We have wines that complement fish, salads, curries, roasts, steaks, pasta, sushi, cheese and desserts. They’re also great on their own!

The secret is about to get out that India has some of the best climate, terroirs and wine making skills in the world and Namaste plans to bring more and more of these premium wines to UK dinner tables.

The increasing number of skilled wine makers now taking advantage of the viticultural blessings bestowed upon India, guarantees we’ll continue to bring you stunning new wines


" As a British Indian my passion was to bring a new kind of a wine experience to the British palate and offer only the finest wines from India to the UK audience.

I believe that in the coming years the reputation of Indian wines, although now very new to the industry, will be able to hold its head high and sit amongst the best.

I have chosen our wines from some of the finest upcoming wine estates in India, that produce small quantities laying great emphasis on producing wines of the highest standard."

Barry Dass
Founder & CEO


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