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From France to India..


Vallonné Vineyards is India's first boutique winery which produces French-style fine wine production to the Nasik Valley. Our wines combine the finest wine-making techniques, state-of-the-art technology and flavours of the terroir.

Vallonné means 'undulating landscape' in French, and true to its name, stands on sprawling estates that rest on the gentle slopes of the Sahyadri ranges in Kavnai village that gradually blend into the clear waters of the Mukhne dam.

Vallonné is guided by an emphasis on cutting-edge quality and the best viticultural practices. The sprawling vineyards are raised on acres of virgin land irrigated with clear mountain water.

Our South-facing vineyards draw from the unique qualities and flavours of the terroir characterised by gravelly soil, sunny days and cool nights.


The winery is designed to be ecologically sensitive with cellars tucked away twenty feet below ground to naturally protect the wines from heat and light. The wines are matured in the cool environs of the barrel room, in oak casks imported from a premier cooperage in France.


Wine Making History of Indian Wines
The Nasik Valley Vallonne Vineyards




Our wines reflect our belief that a 'good wine is made in the vineyards'. The process begins with our viticulturists carefully monitoring the growth of the vines at our vineyards and contract farms all year round to ensure moderate yield and the very best quality.

The South-facing vineyards ensure optimum maturity of the grapes for better aromas as our vines draw from the unique qualities and flavours of the terroir.

The fruit is gently picked and sorted by hand and as the grape makes its way to the tanks, there is minimal human intervention to make sure that the quality of the fruit stands proud. Careful extraction of flavours and soft tannins define our wines.

Marie Barbé, Winemaker

Vallonné Vineyards French wine maker, Marie Barbé, brings her expertise in wine-making from Bordeaux, ensuring a stellar blend of Old and New world wines. Having made wines in various regions of France, Chile and Russia, Marie combines her wealth of experience and love of wine making to craft the finest wines at Vallonné . Our picturesque vineyard, she says, is her true inspiration for bringing out the best in her.




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